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Commercial Junk Removal

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United Junk Removal Service™is fast, focused & cost-effective. Our affiliates saves you time, energy and money. Why spend valuable time and manpower on junk removal? We remove all the junk and debris so you can focus at the task at hand – construction! Our expert team knows how to "de-junk" an area quickly and efficiently, whether it’s a house, a condo or a commercial space. With Dirty Dog Hauling™ you won’t need to worry about dumpsters and where to put them. We show up, quickly remove debris, and leave the space clean and work ready.

No job is too big or too small for our trucks. Dirty Dog Hauling™ gets you ready for the next phase of construction or remodeling. Put our trained teams and trucks to work for you once – or repeatedly. We have many business clients who think of us as their regular support team.


UJRS™ affiliates customize their skills to meet your needs. They typically remove the following from commercial customers:

  • Old equipment
  • Décor
  • Rugs / Carpet
  • Cubicles
  • Furniture